Our family has really enjoyed the new volume 2 and 3 of the NIV Kids’ Club video series. In no time all of the kids had most of the songs memorized. What’s really neat is sometimes when we have our supper table devotional time, we come across one of the verses, and the kids will grin at each other, and spontaneously burst into song! So these products have been a positive addition to our home.


I just wanted to let you know that our 1½ year old daughter just loves your NIV Kids Club, Volume I Proverbs… Little Joni just can’t get enough.


I’ve purchased biblical tapes and even secular tapes for my kids and have been disappointed many times. Your tape is WONDERFUL! I have learned proverbs 1:20 because of you all and watching it with my kids.


I want to let you know how much my family enjoys the NIV Kids Club video on Proverbs. The tunes are so catchy that I have learned right along with my son who is 1½ years old. He loves watching the kids sing and dance, and requests to watch the tape daily. He says “kids, kids”. Thanks for such fun learning material.


What a wonderful way to be encouraged and have our sword (The Word) ready. The music is stirring and so are the children of NIV Club. “Oh! Alleluia! You all have done great. Thanks. My favorite is Proverbs vol. 1.


Thank you so much for the NIV Kids Club (Proverbs) video. My 2 year old daughter couldn’t get through the day without it. She loves it! …I find myself singing those songs all day. Thank you so much…


Riley, now 2 ½ came to the breakfast table this morning singing “Sing, Sing, Sing, to the Lord…. praise his Name”, you get the idea! He hasn’t watched that video in a week or so, but it’s still in him.
Thanks for helping us…


We have been watching the NIV Kids’ Club with our Granddaughter Cheney. We love the NIV Kids’ Club and it has been a wonderful tool to teach Cheney about the Lord. I hope you will make more.


I have an 18 month old who loves the song and tries to imitate the kids’ actions…. Your music is such a blessing and what a great way for kids (and adults too) to learn Bible verses and Bible truths.


… My kids aged 7, 9 and 2 have been enjoying them. I’ve discussed using the songs in our Sunday School with the school’s coordinator.


I ordered 3 NIV Kids Club tapes for my baby. I want you to know that Blake loves these tapes so much. He has been watching these since 3 months old. … Blake loves all of your tapes. His attention span is great. He watches the whole tape at a time. He looks so cute.
Well God Bless


I have 3 of your NIV Kids Club videos and I love them. I lead Sunday morning Children’s music and have used the videos.


We are REALLY enjoying the videos and tapes. I am taking the tapes to our children’s choir leader tomorrow so she can listen to them. She was really interested that you have music material. Thank you so much!


We enjoy them so much, especially my girls (2 and 4 years old). Our whole family is memorizing Scripture this way. We watch one video 3-4 times a week. We sing the songs with them before they go to bed. I’ve even made up stories to explain the more difficult ones to them. A few days ago I said to my daughter, Katie, “you need to obey me”. She responded, “OK” then sang, “Obey, obey, I want to obey”… Just awesome! They’re soaking these verses up like sponges! These videos have been the most effective and fun way for my children and me to memorize Scripture.